TSB Custom Bracing & Orthopedics Inc.

Custom brace Regina. A image showing OA brace progression.

Looking for a custom knee brace in Regina? Look no further! While we specialize in custom bracing options, we carry a wide range of off-the-shelf products as well. Since opening in early 2018, TSB Custom Bracing & Orthopedics has been the premier provider of orthopedic support and high performance fitness products in Regina and surrounding area. With our ability to be extremely flexible with appointments due to the completely mobile nature of our business, our goal is to make the process of purchasing an orthopedic device as painless as possible. Coupled with our patient-centered approach to customer service, we pride ourselves in putting our customers in the best situation possible and we don’t stop until we do!


Whether you are looking for a custom knee brace  or an off-the-shelf solution for your shoulder, we carry a wide range of products from all of the major suppliers. Our mobile bracing service is the only one of it’s kind in Regina and area.


Aches and pains? Inquire about our industry-leading recovery tools. Ranging from percussive therapy massage devices to compressive recovery boots and cryotherapy devices, we have a solution for you. We do rentals too!


Depending on whether you are looking for compression stockings, lymphodema support, or a compression style bracing product, we have a wide range of options to suit your needs.

When you need a custom knee brace in Regina, we want you to choose TSB Custom Bracing & Orthopedics. Our commitment to our customers is to assist them in finding the right solution for them. Our focus is not on our business but rather putting you in an ideal situation to improve your lifestyle and ultimately your quality of life. We won’t stop helping until you are 100% satisfied!